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Daniel Donato: Leading the Charge of New Tele Masters.

Daniel Donato: Leading the Charge of New Tele Masters.

If you haven’t heard Daniel’s style of “Cosmic Country” do yourself a favor and check out his music.

If you haven’t heard Daniel’s style of “Cosmic Country” do yourself a favor and check out his music. He plays tonight (3-30-19) in Lancaster at the Chameleon Club starting at 7 P.M. This is the third show of his 30+ show tour. You can check out the dates on his website (

Daniel describes his sound as cosmic country. The musical aspect of Daniel’s playing is influenced from his love of players like Jerry Garcia, Jerry Reed, Jimi Hendrix, and improvisational players like Danny Gatton etc.  The lyrics in the music stem from the storytelling of greats such as; Willie Nelson, Vince Gill, Waylon Jennings, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton and Kacey Musgraves. This marriage lends well to one of the coolest new artists out there.


Who Is Daniel’s Dream Collaboration (both Artist or Producer?)


DD: Producers, Dave Cobb, Danger Mouse, Mark Ronson, Diplo (maybe even playing on a track,) Dan Auerbach, I love Dan’s production style and Jack White. “I would love to collaborate with Jack White musically in any way. If could do something with John Mayer or Dead and Co. that would be my ultimate universe ask.


What’s in Store for the Next Year?


DD: Firstly a tour all over America followed by a month in Europe tour in the fall. We are releasing a song every month this entire year. Which is a feat due to balancing touring, progressing as a musician, rehearsing, traveling and finding time to record in the midst of everything. Once you roll your sleeves up and start doing it, it’s a full time thing. Just in this past year I’ve entered the tier of, ok here is what I am going to be doing for a while. I am going to be writing songs, rehearsing songs and touring songs. So I am working on songs in three different timelines at all times. It’s really intensive and is a full time life.


What Advice Would you Give to Young Artists Looking to go Viral?


DD: You can scale a living off going viral because it’s anything you’re trying to do is to gain the currency of attention. It depends what you do with the attention that matters. If you go viral and don’t use the attention to your advantage, it’s just like getting a bunch of money and wasting it. If you look at someone like Julius Dein (instagram magician) who had one viral clip with Drake and now he’s doing world tours. I think if you go viral after you’ve hustled it out for a number of years you gain the perspective to know that limelight isn’t the only light. There’s a lot of dim neon bar lights that you have to work through before you get to those. That’s very much Sturgill (Simpson) and Jason Isabell’s perspectives. They went through so much to get through where they are at. So their perspective simply won’t allow them to ruin the platform they have now. I kind of feel that same way, I haven’t had the same friction in my life with alcohol problems or drug problems but I’ve been at it for 11 years non-stop. I kind of have this more and more experience addiction, problem saying, “ok, music is the medium to gain all the experience I can in my life. I want to take it everywhere I can.


The Electric Guitar Has Taken a Few Knocks Recently, Can you Elaborate?


DD: I hope so, I just want to make a piece of music that will be really useful. Because when I hear people say that the electric guitar is dead I think that it stopped being really useful. I feel like the ‘90s was the worst time for guitar. I have listened to so much guitar music and then music with nothing to do with guitar whatsoever. You listen to music from the ‘90s with no  guitar in it and it’s some of the best music. Country music aside, that was the best time for country guitar. But rocknroll guitar in the ‘90s just wasn’t good and maybe that did something for the general perception of the guitar and that did something to guitar moving forward. But I can never see it going away, just like acoustic guitar, it’s not ever going away. We’re just in a phase. It’s coming back hard.


You can check Daniel out on instagram at @thedanieldonato or his website 


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