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KickBlock PedalBlock Pedal Stabilizer

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Product description

PedalBlock™ - NEW Stops Your Pedals From Sliding

PedalBlock grips your Velcro®-compatible rug with our custom Ultra-Grip™ Velcro and puts a shock-absorbing wall in front of any pedal. For hi-hats, double kick, auxilary percussion, keyboard pedals, etc. Angled side for curved pedals, flat for straight pedals. The unique design fits any pedal. Use the 'V' shaped side for pedals with a curved edge, and the flat side for pedals with a straight edge.



PedalBlock requires a Velcro-compatible drum rug or carpet to properly adhere. If you are uncertain about whether Velcro will adhere to your rug, you can test your rug with a small piece of Velcro (hard hook side) to determine if Velcro will grip your rug. If your Velcro grips the carpet fibers even a little, PedalBlock's 13 square inches of special Ultra-Grip Velcro will grip it like crazy! 

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