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Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Sunlight Dynamic Reverb

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Product description

. Sunlight features three new reverb algorithms unique to the Old Blood
lineup, each with the added ability to freeze the reverb trails when the player stops
Sunlight features:
- Input knob for dynamic sensitivity and Decay knob for reverb feedback to
create enveloping infinite reverb
- Tape, Comb, and Pass modes to apply wobbling vibrato, stacked resonant
delays, or random step filtering to the reverb
- Rate and Depth controls specific to each mode
- Expression control over Input, Decay, Rate, and Depth parameters
- Alt footswitch to quickly snap to a particular knob setting
- Soft-touch switching with true relay bypass
- Requires at least 80mA 9VDC center negative power

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